Pandora is the Smartest Rig Ever Built.

Improve your DSLR with Better Audio, Stability and more than 12 hours battery !

Audio Features

Internal preamp with XLR inputs,+48v Phantom Power, vu-meters, headphones, internal mic, and more!


The special design on Pandora will remove micro vibrations from your camera without motors!

Tesla Battery

Power your DSLR and monitor with the internal Tesla Like Lithium-ion Batteries. More than 14.000mAh

Front Light

Powerful front led light to improve your scene anytime.

Modular Design

Attach new accessories in seconds!
Quick release the shoulder mount, or add the teleprompter module, sky is the limit.


Works with any camera. From BMPCC to any mirrorless Sony and the Latest Canon DSLR.

Featured at:

Works with any camera:


Our Products

Improve your set-up, customize it, personalize it as you wish

Pandora Full (Audio + Battery)

Pandora Pro version with basic addons.


Watch the videos at the NAB SHOW 2017



"This will pay for itself after a couple shootings...
It's everything you need..."



"Todo lo que necesitamos esta aquí, y eso es lo que busca cualquier persona que le guste un accesorio que sea facil y rapido para poder trabajar."


Video Producer

"This Pandora is the best product I've seen at the NAB SHOW so far... I've been here 2 days!"

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How we are changing the world...


We were at InnovatiBA 2017. We showed visitors how to create and print their own 3D accessories! Amazing experience!


It´s Vegas Baby!

He had a terrific time in Vegas at the Nab Show in April. We also get back with the NAB AWARD from Cinema 5D! See it for yourself!

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