Youtuber Kit


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Simple TV Prompter, fast to set up, and easy to use with your phone or tablet.

This product is economic. Don´t expect a professional TV Prompter for less than US$50
If you need a better quality TV Prompter, you can get them online for over US$500.

TV prompter app is not included but is free to download online from several sites and stores.

Use the cold shoe on the back of Pandora to insert the TV Prompter and simply put your phone and the acrylic to start shooting.

The TV prompter is a 5 pieces accessory.
Including: Tv prompter and the acrylic to reflect the text.
A black cloth is not included due to customs blocks in many countries, but you can place any black cloth to create a dark tunnel between the camera and the acrylic.


We are redesigning the TV Prompter to make it more portable, so it will have a

Waffle Structure and it won´t take more than 1 inch thick in your backpack

The accessory includes the Smartphone or Ipad support ( up to 5″ or up to 10″ inches)

The transparent acrylic to reflect the text.

A long cable so you can connect your audio cable to the camera, keeping the great sound on your video.

An anti-sliding pad, so your phone stays safe to the TV Prompter.

A protective case so you don’t scratch the transparent acrylic.