Long baseplate for LCD Viewfinder


Long base-plate for Pandora’s quick release.
It allows to keep well attached the camera to the quick release, even with the body of the camera outside Pandora.




If you plan to use an LCD Viewfinder this accessory is pretty important for the safety of your gear.

Lenght 176mm
Accepts screws 1/4-20″

The plate is made from ABS Plastic and it is not made  to support a lot of weight, but can handle any DSLR with a light lens. Some bending might occur.

We tested it lifting a wooden chair, so it is safe to say that it will hold up to 2kg, or more if attached properly.

For SONY Cameras, ask first so we can see if it works. Since Sony has the DC Coupler cable on the bottom, this affects the usage of this add-on

*To use the viewfinder it is recommended to use the Handles*


Additional information

Camera Model:

Sony, Rest of the brands