Battery Holder


Battery holder for ten 18650 cells.
Designed specially for Pandora and to facilitate the charge with your camera charger.
Can be used without Pandora at 7.4v

*Batteries not included.*

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Your Pandora Pre-Order already comes with one of this battery holder.

*Batteries not included*

Do you want an extra battery holder?

This holder will use ten 18650 batteries.
It will connect direct to Pandora and you can charge the batteries with your standard 7.4 battery charger. (any Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, etc…)

How it works:
Since the batteries are connected in a special way, the holder outputs 7.4 volts from the 10 cells.
Since that is the most common voltage in cameras, you can use the DC Coupler you get with your Pandora connecting it to your camera original charger, and then plug the DC connector from the Coupler, to the DC connector on the battery holder.
As simple as that. You can have one battery Pack in Pandora, and another to easily replace your pack and get another 8 hours of juice.

The battery holders are 3D Printed and we are working to improve it in a near future, but in the meanwhile it is a simple product, and it might require some special care.

It should fit any 18650 battery brand and model.

The great about this battery holder is that you can plug it to another camera or a light directly, without using a Pandora!

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*Batteries not included*

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